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Much of my youth was spent hunting for and playing vinyl. I have created this site to remember many of the stores I've visited. Don't try and visit them without calling first, as many of them are no longer with us. If I've posted a picture of a store that you want me to delete please let me know and I'll take it down. To see a particular store just open the photo album with its name on it or click on the green (open) or red (closed) marker in the map below. Expanding the map will reveal more stores in the same city.

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Monday, June 27, 2016

Innersleeve Records

Innersleeve Records Amagansett New York
Open  - 199 Main Street (Rte. 27) Amagansett New York 11930

Innersleeve, which had originally opened on the green in Amagansett, then moved to Sag Harbor, returned to Amagansett, but now is on Rte. 27.  Still a nice large selection of records to choose from.

Innersleeve Record Store Amagansett New York Store Front

And here's a picture of the store when it was in Sag Harbor.

Innersleeve Record Store Sag Habor New York

In the dim recesses of my mind, I believe there was another record store here (or on Main Street in Sag Harbor) long ago.  Can anyone identify it for me?

Here's an article that appeared in the East Hampton Patch Meet the Owner: Craig Wright of Innersleeve Records in August 2012 interviewing the owner of the store on its opening in the Square in Amagansett.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Revolver Records Daily Records Wah Wah Records

Barcelona Spain Record Stores

Can happily report that vinyl, and the record stores that sell them, are alive and well in Barcelona.  On the advice of a friend, I went to Carrer dels Tallers, a small street off La Rambla, that is home to six stores in close proximity. 

Time didn’t allow me to visit all of them, but the two I did - as well as a third a few blocks away - were well worth the trip.

Up first is Revolver Records
Carrer dels Tallers, 11, El Raval,  Barcelona

Two floors, with a good used vinyl section upstairs.  As I was travelling, only bought 45s.  But got some nice picture sleeves cheap.

Revolver Records - Barcelona Spain - Store Front

Got Steve Miller Band - Living in the USA, Norman Greenbaum - Spirit in the Sky and The Shocking Blue - Venus for 5 euro 

Next up is

Daily Records
Carrer de les Stiges 9, El Raval, Barcelona

This is actually just steps away from Revolver Records, making your first left off of Carrerr dels Tallers.  The shop is small, but has cool vinyl fairly priced and is run by a very nice guy.

Daily Records - Barcelona Spain - Store Front

While I also bought some nice 45 picture sleeves here, the real find (pictured on the wall above) is an EP of Los Salvajes (the Savages), a 60s garage punk outfit, with the snarling Es La Edad.  I saw the sleeve on the wall, and the shop's owner was happy to play it for me, and told me that the band hailed from Barcelona (which I hadn't know).  Quite happy with this one.

You can Los Salvajes - Es La Edad a listen on our Song of the Day.

Last but not least was
Wah Wah Records
Riera Baixa 14, El Raval, Barcelona Spain

This one is harder to find (if you've been to Barcelona you will know what I mean even though I gave you the street address) and is a few blocks away from the others.  One of the guys shopping proclaimed it his favorite, so I had to check it out.  It has a large selection, with two big rooms, with blues, soul and jazz in the back.  If there's an old record you want, that you've been dying to have, this is the place to look for it.  But don't expect it to be cheap!

Wah Wah Records - Barcelona Spain - Store Front

And if you want to visit the rest, here's an article titled The Eleven Best Record Shops in Barcelona that will help you find them.  Happy diggin'.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Village Music World Greenwich Village New York

Village Music World - Open

I may have stopped posting, but I never stop visiting record stores.  Here's one of the last of the Mohicans (a pretty good movie by the way, but I digress), a Greenwich Village record store still standing.  And on Bleecker street too.  Got a nice copy of Dexys Midnight Runners Return of the Young Soul Rebels.  Oh Geno ........

Village Music World Record Store Greenwich Village NY Store Front

Here's a video shot on Record Store Day 2013 featuring a tour of the store.  You'll have to wait a couple of minutes for the tour to start, but while you're at it, you're listening to Marquee Moon by Television so its worth the wait.