Ghosts of Record Stores Past and Present

Much of my youth was spent hunting for and playing vinyl. I have created this site to remember many of the stores I've visited. Don't try and visit them without calling first, as many of them are no longer with us. If I've posted a picture of a store that you want me to delete please let me know and I'll take it down. To see a particular store just open the photo album with its name on it or click on the green (open) or red (closed) marker in the map below. Expanding the map will reveal more stores in the same city.

The site also contains links to interesting articles and information on record shops and record collecting and fine musical suggestions and playlists for your listening pleasure (with You Tube links so you can check them out for yourself). The Playlists can be found by scrolling to a separate section of the index under the heading musical resources. And our latest addition, Song of the Day, a glimpse at what's playing on my stereo today, appears there as well.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tower Records Sunset Blvd.

Tower Records Sunset Blvd.
Closed - 8801 Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood Los Angeles

Before I shopped at the Tower on West 4th in New York, I was shopping at the Tower on Sunset in West Hollywood.  Can still remember driving up the hill on Sunset to get there.  Tons (and tons and tons) of new records.  I had at that time never seen so many records in one place.  Alas, it went the way of the dinosaur long ago, but has been fondly remembered by many in LA as you can see below. They even did a documentary on the store.

Here's an ad by none other than John Lennon for the store.

Here's a link to a video of employees stocking the store.  Soooooooo many records.

And another  to Photos Videos: The History of Tower Records on Sunset Strip which gives even more photos.

And if you want more, there is a documentary All Things Must Pass about Tower.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

The La's - Liberty Ship

Song of the Day

From the La's only LP, 1990's the La's, today's song of the day is The La's - Liberty Ship.  The La's were from Liverpool, and influenced by 60's beat groups.  The release of this lp was famously troubled, taking 4 years and numerous producers before the label collected its choice and released it over the band's objections.  The most well known song from the album is There She Goes, but it is accompanied by a number of other great songs, including Liberty Ship.  This one features a nice tune, great harmonies, and a propelling rhythm of bass and answering guitars.  The album is highly recommended.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Ranch Records, Salem Oregon

Ranch Records, Salem Oregon
Open - 237 High Street N.E. Salem Oregon  97301

A long time favorite of Salem, it had a really cool display of old Beatles records and memorabilia, in addition to a large selection of new and used records.  There are also loads of posters from the 60s adorning the walls,  Worthy of a visit when you're in town.

Ranch Records Record Store Salem Oregon Store Front

Here's an article that appeared in the Statesman Journal  Ranch Records of Salem A World of Musical Wonderment  that interviews the store's owner about his shop.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Vinyl Bay 777

Vinyl Bay 777 Plainview Long Island
    Open - 101 Dupont St. #14, Plainview New York 11803

Who says vinyl is dead!  Vinyl Bay 777 is a new(ish) record store buried in an industrial park just north of the service road of the LIE.  Opened approximately a year ago, it is well stocked with used (and some new) albums of all genres, as well as an ample collection of 45s.  Found the records fairly priced and happily scored some nice tunes (see below).  Probably shouldn't tell you, because I'll be back, but hey, I'm a nice guy (and I can't buy everything).  Happy hunting (and here's hoping you're not looking for what I'm looking for :)

Vinyl Bay 777 Record Store Plainview Long Island Store Front

Got these records - particularly happy about the Howard Tate - an underappreciated soul record from 1966 that should have done much better.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Music Odyssey

Music Odyssey Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles Ca

Here's another record store long gone.  I visited during my school days in the 70s (one couldn't always go to Rhino and Tower).  Can't beat a record for $.99.  I can still remember dancing (and dancing and dancing) to In A Gadda Da Vida (all 17 minutes of it).

Music Odyssey Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Other Music

Other Music Greenwich Village NYC
Closed - 15 E. 4th Street New York New York 10003

I heard the sad news that after a 20 year run, Other Music had decided to close its doors (and mail order too).  I remember it as the small store opposite the giant Tower records (which it outlasted) and went to pay one last visit before the end.  There was always alot of traffic in the store, and today was no exception.

Other Music Greenwich Village New York Store Front

The Times published an article Other Music Record Shop, Yielding To Trends, Will Close that discusses the history of the store with its owners and their reasons for closing it.  A sad day indeed.

Here's a You Tube video of Other Music by Big Review TV, so you can get a better idea of what the store had to offer.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Academy Records Annex

Academy Records Annex Greenpoint Brooklyn

Open - 85 Oak Street Brooklyn NY  11222

Not to be confused with the related Academy Records - located in Manhattan - nor with its prior location in Williamsburg - this version of the Academy Records Annex is located in Greenpoint, and well worth the trip.  It has plenty of used records to offer, two listening stations so you can try before you buy, and a large selection of recent arrivals so you can get a shot at a (relatively) new arrival before the other diggers find it.  Prices are reasonable too.

Academy Records Annex Greenpoint Brooklyn Store Front

Academy Records Annex Greenpoint Brooklyn