Ghosts of Record Stores Past and Present

Much of my youth was spent hunting for and playing vinyl. I have created this site to remember many of the stores I've visited. Don't try and visit them without calling first, as many of them are no longer with us. If I've posted a picture of a store that you want me to delete please let me know and I'll take it down. To see a particular store just open the photo album with its name on it or click on the green (open) or red (closed) marker in the map below. Expanding the map will reveal more stores in the same city.

The site also contains links to interesting articles and information on record shops and record collecting and fine musical suggestions and playlists for your listening pleasure (with You Tube links so you can check them out for yourself). The Playlists can be found by scrolling to a separate section of the index under the heading musical resources. And our latest addition, Song of the Day, a glimpse at what's playing on my stereo today, appears there as well.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Beck - Where Its At

Song of the Day

Today's Song of the Day is from Beck's 1996 masterpiece Odelay.  Where Its At mixes rap with lounge jazz with the able help of the Dust Brothers.  It contains many vocal samples, including two turntables and a microphone, from Mantronix, and others from a sex education album Sex for Teens (Where Its At).  And it won a Grammy to boot, in addition to many other accolades.  But what is better than being called Song of the Day?

And why may you ask do we feature it here?  Because I finally got a vinyl copy of Odelay this weekend.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Rough Trade NYC

Rough Trade Records, 64 N. 9th Street, Willamsburg, Brooklyn New York

Just when you thought the big record store was dead, Rough Trade opened a big (and I do mean big) record store in Brooklyn in November 2013 reminiscent of the since closed Tower, Virgin and the many large record stores of the past.  Quite a large space with quite a large number of records, but only new vinyl here.  They do also host live events.

An article appeared in Gizmodo More Than A Record Shop: Inside Brookyn's Massive New Music Outpost in November 2013 with many additional pictures of the store.

Rough Trade has long operated two stores in England, and once a fine record label (Rough Trade) though I'm not sure of its current ownership (it still is a fine record label).

Some of the bands that appeared on Rough Trade include the Decemberists, Camper van Beethoven, the Libertines, the Strokes, Cornershop and Arcade Fire, to name but a few.

Friday, August 19, 2016

New Pornographers - It's Only Divine Right

Song of the Day

Today's Song of the Day comes from Canada's New Pornographers - It's Only Divine Right.  A Canadian supergroup led by Carl Newman, and ably assisted by Neko Case, Dan Bejar, and others, it started as a one-off side project, and (thankfully) never went away.  This is from their second album, Electric Version (2003) which is chock full of excellent indie power pop songs, as is their whole catalog.  Many great songs to choose from.  Today's offering is sunny indie power pop with perfect harmonies and ringing guitar. If you like this one, try The Laws Have Changed next.   And then on to Mass Romantic.  And then .....  Up first is the album version.  There's also a video of the band doing the song live at the 9:30 Club in Washington DC on June 22, 2010 so you can see what they look like.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Clockwork Records

Clockwork Records - Hastings-On-Hudson Westchester New York
Open - 24 Main St., Hastings-On-Hudson, New York  10706

Not all record stores are dying.  Here's a new one that opened about 3 years ago.  Didn't have time to give it a proper dig, but they had plenty of records, including picture sleeve 45s, packed into a store featuring a Clockwork Orange motif. You remember the futuristic record store scene in that movie, don't you?  By our Beethoven loving hero?  The store's owner (a nice guy) is pictured below.  In the immortal words of Arnold "I'll be back."

Clockwork Records - Hastings-On-Hudson NY - store front

Here's an article that appeared in Rivertowns Daily Voice with another picture of the store's owner (this time the front of his face) titled Clockwork Records Finds Vinyl Niche In Hastings in 2013 at its first address.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Long Island Vinyl Exchange

Long Island Vinyl Exchange - East Northport Long Island
Closed - 275 East Larkfield Rd. East Northport New York  11731

Came and went before I had a chance to know ye.  It opened in November 2009, but by the time I thought of going (East Northport is a looong way) it had closed.  Here's something to remember it by.

And here's an article that appeared in the Times titled Doing Business At 33 1/3 r.p.m.which interviews the store's owner John DeSimone.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Seinfeld - Bleecker Bob's

Seinfeld - Bleecker Bob's
from the episode "Old Man"

Today, we offer a bit of humor.  In this excerpt from the Seinfeld series, Newman and Kramer have decided to try and sell some used records at Bleecker Bob's.  Not surprisingly, they are not offered what they hoped for the records.  What would you expect for Don Ho Live in Honolulu? or Jerry Vale Sings Italian Love Songs?  Personally, I always found that the last records always available at a garage sale are Barbara Streisand and Herb Alpert.

Now, I know the actor behind the counter is not Bleecker Bob (aka Robert Plotnik).  Instead, he is played by Tobin Bell.  But I also think the scene is not shot in Bleecker Bob's.  The exterior is right, but not the interior.  I remember a long counter when you entered the store to the left of the door. And boxes of 45s stacked high above.  Can anyone confirm or deny?